Appalachian Trail Hiker Shuttles from Millinocket to Bangor & Monson


Our Katahdin Area shuttles will pick you up or drop you off at Katahdin Stream Campground, Abol Bridge or the bus terminal in Medway.


We shuttle Appalachian Trail Hikers to and from Bangor International Airport and the bus terminals in Bangor and Hermon.

If you are a south bound Appalachian Trail Hiker your journey starts when you leave your home. If traveling by air you will arrive in Bangor International Airport. It is approximately an hour and a half from the airport to the Appalachian Trail Lodge. If traveling by bus you will arrive in Bangor or Hermon with the same travel time to Millinocket. You can take a bus to Medway which is only twenty minutes from the Appalachian Trail Lodge. We will be able to pick you up at any of these locations.

Once in Millinocket we offer shuttle service to Katahdin Stream Campground in Baxter State Park. The first stretch of the Appalachian Trail can be started here. We also shuttle to Abol Bridge on the Penobscot River where the 100 Mile Wilderness starts and to locations along the 100 Mile Wilderness from Baxter State Park to Monson, Maine.
If you just completed the trail then congratulations! We can help get you home. We offer shuttle services from Millinocket to Medway, Bangor and Hermon, Maine where you can take either a bus or an airplane home.

Call or email us for reservations and pricing.